My Side of Politics
     by Paul

  Friday, August 13,
  2004 - 12:00 AM

  Those of you who read this know that I am a Life Science major at HSU. That said, I would like to give you an opinion held completely by myself on a subject that concerns all of us. Before I begin, I would also like to make a bit of a plug for two polls that I am running on the forums right now. The first is found in the Culture Lounge Area and it pertains to what I am about to speak of, being, the question of who to vote for in the Presidential Election this year. The second (and far less important) is the Who is Your Favorite Ranter? poll being put on just to find out for my own amusement how many people I can get to vote for me. Now, on to the meat and potatoes. I'm voting for George W. Bush this fall. That's right. I can't stand rude Texans, I'm a fairly amiable person, one who thinks (sometimes too much) before actions, and am not prone to lying, so why am I voting for a Texan who at different times appears to be on opposite sides personality wise with me? The answer is simple folks: Bush has done an amazing job. He has stepped forward and led the nation during this War on Terror, made decisive actions in diplomacy (including making more progress in a peace between Israel and Palestine than Clinton ever dreamed of), done amazing things for the economy, and in general increased the safety of our nation and our quality of lifestyle. Want proof? Find the last time we were hit by a terrorist attack in this nation after 9/11.

   Want to know what Bush's words were on that fateful day to Vice President Cheney? "We are at war, and somebody is going to pay."

   We deserve in this country, not a man who bows to the harumphing, moaning, and cowardice of the European Union (excluding Britain), but a man who is willing to step forward and take the reins and say, "Hey World, this is the US and since you just happen to expect us to protect everyone around here, you better back away and let us do the job!" I like a man who doesn't need Jacque Chirac's opinion before he goes to the bathroom!

   Come to think of it, I don't like Chirac at all!  Wait, wait, wait. I dont' like the FRENCH, PERIOD! The Whining Group of French People (otherwise known as the French Republic) is made up of wimpy, cowardly, greedy, slimy little cretins (a nice and vicious French word there) who are given a prominent place on the world stage because of a midget! That's right, France's last hay-day was 1812 with Napoleon! Name a single freakin successful French venture in international politics after that, I dare you! What's absolutely beautiful about all of this is that the dang croissant eaters KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE! They know that they deserve no place on the world stage, and they know that the instant a world leader stands up and makes the same denunciation I have made, they will be swept away like the dust mites that they are. So instead, they act the part of the outrageous uncle, who is there to question the work of everyone else and reminisce of his days when he was great. C'mon folks, these people can't win their own race after all!

   Want proof that the French are sludge? Look at the great Lance Armstrong. This is a TEXAN, who is an American POSTAL WORKER, who has recovered from a bout with CANCER, and he still whips them at their most beloved sport! They can't beat him, and it drives them insane! It would drive me insane if I lost to a cancer patient in a physical contest.... 6 times. Hail to Lance. On this basis and this basis alone, without any other evidence being brought into play can I denounce John Kerry. His declaration that he would formally rejoin the UN if elected is disgusting to me, as it should be to you. We pay 75% of the costs of the UN, provide the majority of the military, and ship more humanitarian aid around the world than nearly all of the UN combined, and what do we get? Slapped in the face time and again. Over my dead body will Kerry be allowed to make such a spineless move. The American people will not stand for such treachery, and I truly believe that in my heart. We will bring George W. Bush back to the White House for 4 more years, and if you would like to help the greatest President since Reagan, I suggest you get on board.

    Anyone who would like to denounce me as a moron, make fun of my background, poke fun at this great land's  president, or in general offer an opposing view, I would like to offer an invitation to our Forums, or even write a letter to the campus newspaper the Oracle to voice your complaints. I would be delighted to open a debate. My forum name is HSUElephantMan and go VOTE on not only my POLLS, but also for your NATION.

  Paul - May he never be replaced again because of his laziness!

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