45 Minutes of Brain Ooze
     by Leigh Anne

, August 30, 2004 - 10:54 PM

            Just recently, Jay has introduced me to a new passion: playing video games.  I never knew before just how beautifully they pass the time. My infatuation actually began early. Having three older brothers who all had marvelous eye-hand coordination, my family started with an Artari, and then progressed to regular Nintendo. I was mad about Duck Hunt. I got really good at it, too. Then came Super Nintendo, with Super Mario World,  Zelda ( until my brother gave it away to my cousin-Stephen,  I still resent you for that!), my first encounter with Sim City (which had a wonderful cheat code so you would never run out of money), and my all-time favorite (give me a break, I was itty-bitty): Aladdin. I had the commands to that game burned into my fingers. I did it without thinking. I learned all the codes to the different levels (the one to Genieís Land is Genie Jafar Aladdin Abu, but thatís the only one that I can remember), and I beat it countless times.  Ah, the good olí days. Then came the Playstation, and a particular car race game that captured my attention. I got in trouble many a time for playing that game when I should have been doing homework. And then there was that one game that I tried to play-something about Zombies. Iíve always been sensitive to images, and it contained some scenes that gave me nightmares for a week. And that was the last time that I ever played on a console. Playstation 2 came out, but my brothers had all gone to college, so my parents didnít buy one, and I fell out of touch with the gaming world. Until now. And boy, have I been missing out! Jay got me started with Kingdom Hearts, thinking it would be a nice starter RPG for me, and we played it together for hours. We beat it together, but I still have yet to conquer the optional bosses. My relationship with Jay will be put to the test next year when the sequel comes out. Iím sure we will spend more hours fighting over whose turn it is to play than we will spend actually playing the game.

 Another great time waster that Jay has introduced me to: web surfing. I am slowly becoming addicted to different websites. When I find myself bored at work or home (which this summer is very often, since Jay and I are living apart), I just click on the wonderful little browser icon, knowing that a plethora of information (much of it useless) is just waiting for the click of my handy little mouse. Recently, I began posting in the forum on RR. After my first post, I was hit with a sickening realization: I am morphing into Jay. Albeit a much less hairy version, but the Jay characteristics are there, nonetheless. What are the symptoms? Well, hereís a few.

  1. I no longer want to get up in the morning.

  2. I procrastinate terribly.

  3. I spend waaayyy too much time surfing the web.

  4. Iím becoming resistant to change (ďbut I like the womb. Itís warm!Ē)

  5. Iím watching unhealthy amounts of video footage, much of it campy.

  6. 90% of the music I listen to can be labeled FF.

  7. In my dreams I am playing Bemani games.

  8. I find myself browsing the comic book section of Books-A-1x10^6.

  9. Iíve started skipping classes at school.

  10. I have reset my internal clock:  the day does not begin and end with the sun. Rather, my days resemble those of a vampire.

And folks, those are just the beginning symptoms. Why, I shudder to think what I shall be like after 20 years of living with him.

None of these things, however, can compare with the realization that I have just spent 45 minutes of my life (that I can never get back) and whatís worse, 45 minutes of my youth (which is all too fleeting) to write 3 pages of brain ooze that is about nothing but myself for all 9 fans of Reddie Rants (a.k.a the Ranters themselves). Oh God!

Leigh Anne Ė
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