Getting James Dressed!
     by Jen

,  August 25, 2004 - 10:41 PM

    There is one question that I want to ask boys all over. What is the big deal whether you dress yourself, or you let your significant other dress you. If you ask any man if he cares about what he is wearing, whether it be swimsuit shorts (Jay), dark blue underwear (Paul), or plain white tennis shoes (James), they will tell you, "No, I didn't even notice what I put on today". Honest to God truth. But when your significant other, (Jen), or (Marcus), sees what you are wearing out, and asks you to change, a HUGE FIT is given back at us. If you don't care about what you are wearing, why do you care if someone asks you to change?

Tonight, for example I asked James to wear an untucked, button up, nice blue shirt, and was given the usual argument about "I don't want to look preppy...waaa, waaa, waaaa." But he put it on after much argument. Then, I tried to get him into black sandals, instead of tennis shoes, because it matched his shorts and dress shirt more nicely. Again with the whining and arguments. He even went so far as to take them off in the car "Because they make my feet feel weird to drive in". PLEASE!!! So we go out, and I hear about his burden of wearing the outfit that I picked out for him the ENTIRE day. He doesn't even care about what he wears. He, like most men, just pulled on whatever was clean for that day, so WHY, when I ask him to look especially nice for me, for ONE day, he throws a fit about how UNCOMFORTABLE he is. I even wore an uncomfortable strapless bra, with a bright orange shirt that was uncomfortable, just so he would be happy. Did he see ME complaining? NO. I didn't even get one compliment the whole day about what I was wearing.

James looked really hot the entire day, and yet there was such a hassle the whole day about it, I'm not sure I can take the price that comes with him looking sexy. What is a girl to do? I mean REALLY? I don't know why boys can't seem to dress themselves, but if they can't, and they know they can't, why is there such a hassle in getting you to look good. I mean, most guys want to be good looking and sexy, so why the problems when someone helps you to look your best? If there are any girls out there with the same kind of problems, I would like to know - I want us to fight for the right to dress our loved ones and overpower their abilities to buy clothes themselves, so that they have no choice BUT to dress in OUR desired clothing for them. We must look past their cute, pouty faces, to fix the problem. Who's with me? Have a nice day.

Have a nice Day! - Jen

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