An E-mail to Jay
     by Bucky

         Thursday, January 8, 2004 - 12:09 AM


  So I just read the forwarded email that you originally wrote in response to Robin. Although ya sent it awhile back today is the first day i've checked my email in a long long time considering I haven't touched my computer since december 19th and have sat down maybe twice at other systems since then. I of course went home for the holidays and the day after my b-day (29th) Heather and I set out on a 20hours drive to Stafford, Virgina to spend about a week at her Aunt & Uncles to get back late late monday or early Tuesday, whichever way you look at it.

  At that point I plugged in my powerstrip, cable modem kicked on those spiffy 5.1 surround sound speakers light-up and the monitor "dadunged" with the sound of power. Yet when I depressed the power button on my tower nothing happened. -_- Well after tinkering I discovered the problem was the lamest of all, my power switch which sends the ever so small charge to the motherboard to tell the comp to power up was broken. To think everything worked fine but the case was actually broken (the wires being part of the case). Not having any spare cases and it being in the "AM" I gave one shot at checking the connection to the motherboard and spent a solid amount of time getting the faceplate off the case (Which turned out the be retarded in design since i had to McGuyver the damn thing off due to poorly placed screws and stiff clips). Eventually I popped the power bottom cover away from the actually switch and tried pressing it with no luck.

  The next morning I was actually amazed when I just happened to give it another shot and it actually worked (seeing as the clips on the case that hold the switch in place have apparently gotten hot at some point and melted around the switch  making sure that it could never be replaced without breaking that section of the faceplate. Over the break I took to playing Mario Kart: DD quite a bit even though I played hell to find a 251 block memory card after x-mas. Not to mention the Wal-Mart here in Arkadelphia didn't have Wind Waker leaving me stumped as the purchasing of video games is practically entirely restricted to Wal-Mart in this town. Today I shall have my Zelda and with it comes the ability to register my GC, MK:DD, & Zelda:WW at the Nintendo site in order to obtain my copy of the Zelda Collectors CD that contains a large chunk of my childhood burned into its surface. Granted you might be thinking to yourself, "Doesn't that Zelda CD come with the purchase of a new GameCube?" Well the answer would be yes, only problem is No where could/can I find a store that actually has GameCubes marked with the offer. So for me this the is the only way of getting what I so desire. Despite the fact it doesn't offer the third installment in the Zelda dynasty, A Link to the Past, my personal favorite. I imagine they left it out because otherwise the sales of the GBA version of aLttP would be crushed with the ability to obtain a GC version practically free.

At anyrate I thought I'd share my console/PC adventures since you seemed so hooked on Disgaea as of late. This email actually looks more like a rank than an email, but what would I know, I haven't written a rank in months so I probably wouldn't know one when I saw one. <_<

 -Bucky, Time to go lay down some blue sparks.

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