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     Jay's Links
from his personal website

 Rob Dougan - a symphonic/techno composer's website
Slashdot -
a news site for techies

 This is Drew - a highly entertaining site from a HSU art student

                                               Web Comics


     Brenna's links

      If you like M:tG, here is a nice little site.
        Another link to my
elfwood page. 

Sluggy - If you haven't heard of this webcomic by now, I...well, just go.
Something awful.- Proof the internet makes you stupid


       The Mick's links

Dragonmount - A great Wheel of Time site.
Fish Tanked - Another interesting webcomic


       John's links

Jazz Messengers - The definitive Cowboy Bebop page - Because you know you want to
Superhero Hype - Keep up with all your favorite comic inspired movies
Diamond Comics -  find out what's actually shipping here
Game trailers - The best place to get free game trailers online


coming soon: other Reddie Ranters' links