When Reddie Rants initially started there were no actual main characters.  I had a "Farside" plan where each comic would involve random people making college jokes. Over time one character kept appearing over and over in the comics and people just gradually assumed it was me. I always fought that association because I didn't want to have a comic where I was the main person, because suddenly the comic loses it's main emphasis (college life) and becomes an ongoing tale of one person's adventures.  Heck, the main character doesn't even really look like me (someone got a haircut...).  Anyways, in my mind there are no main characters in Reddie Rants, just a bunch of random students who may or may not look like people I know (I tend to "draw" inspiration from my surrounding environment).  If you want to believe that the characters in this comic are actually real people, then go right ahead.  Personally I think they are all figments of my imagination, but then again I'm only the artist so what do I know? Either way you still are being entertained so we are all happy.  Regardless, here are the bios of the "real" people who post rants on this site:


Jay       rants
      artist, musician, computer guy, and in way over  his head

Bio: Ah crap, now I have to do the "third person" thing again...  Jay is an art major (emphasis in graphic design and computer animation) and a computer science minor at HSU.  He is currently a senior but, as is the current trend in college, he is expecting to stay for a second senior year starting Fall '04. Plus that allows him to work on his portfolio more and just have more fun at college before joining the "real world".  Never one to be satisfied, Jay tries to do a little of everything just to see what he likes. Unfortunately he tends to like everything so now he never seems to have the time to work on his video games, music, art, computer skills, athletics...etc.  He currently works for Public Relations at HSU as a graphic designer and is slowly getting ready to work in the "real" world. He's prone to starting ambitiously large projects and never fully completing them because he starts larger, grander projects.  So far, Jay has so many tasks on his "to do" list that he is incapable of dying, the tasks would only revive him and force him to do their (evil) biddings... 

Brenna    rants
   umm, whatever
Age: 20

Bio: Brenna was a comp sci major at HSU, but was scared away by those horrible "pointers" and is now an English major and a junior to boot. Since she is an English major her rants should be the best written rants here, but that's probably not true. She has no idea how she got pulled into all of this mess, but figures she will stay to see if it proves entertaining. She has also secretly sworn revenge against Jay for being to only person to beat her in a fight, but Jay doesn't know, as it was sworn in secret. And, despite what anyone else here says, she's NOT goth.


Paul       rants
    slave to the headphones and a Canadian Moose
Age: 15 19

Bio:  The psycho Coloradoan returned for his junior year at HSU in the fall of '04 and is currently pursuing a "burger flipping" degree (aka Political Science). However, if you know the man from the West then you know that just about everything (and everyone) around him is.... well, to be put bluntly, should be committed to the nearest insane asylum. He claims to be rather good at Blizzard games, but when going against Jay and Bucky he always is the first to die and is promptly made fun of.  Also, if you see this man walking around in headphones, he hasn't taken his medicine again, and should be tackled to the ground and given your phone number (if you're female) immediately (just don't tell his serious girlfriend, Amber)!


James    rants
    the Mick
Age: 21

Bio:  James is currently returning to his (hopefully) final year at Henderson. While it is true that one of his goals was to pursue a M.D. as an avenue of  giving drugs to children, alas this plan has fallen through.  The new plan is to  get a P.h.D. in biology, most likely genetics, and to make drugs for children  at a research lab.  Other future plans include getting married to the woman  of his dreams, forming a world wide chapter of the soon to be formed local  chapter of the procrastinator's club, and spontaneously combusting at a gas station


Bucky    rants
      anime master whose real name is long  forgotten
Age: 21

Bio: Bucky was a computer science major at HSU. Now he is a business major. Or he would be if he actually stopped watching Anime and playing MMORPGs so he could go to class. He used to be roommates with Jay and co. but he found better lodgings elsewhere so he isn't seen (or heard from) as much. His goals include someday graduating and moving on to bigger and better things, such as global domination. He is never seen without his trusty hat, and can usually be found in front of his computer watching the latest anime. Also, he has a secret alliance with Jay in all LAN games, which usually causes everyone else (mostly Paul) a lot of pain and annoyance. He enjoys films of all genres, video games, anime, electronics, and exchanging in witty banter with friends. Please, think of the kittens.


Leigh Anne       rants
    Jay's disease
Age: 20

 Bio:  Leigh Anne has returned in Fall '04 to the drudgery of music-major life for her junior year as a vocal performance major. However she is “Reddie” to move onto the bigger and more glamorous things that California has to offer (next summer that is).  Although she loves to sing and is never far from the center of attention, her “higher aim” in life is to get married and have children so that she can boss them around. She is currently engaged the main dude here at Reddie Rants, but is always open to a better offer. She enjoys sunsets, long walks in the rain, fall days, and puppy dogs.


Jen       rants
    Pianist, Photographer, and the Future Mrs. "The Mick"
Age: 21

Bio: Jen is returning to Henderson for her last and final year at Henderson.  She will graduate in May with a Double BA in Horn and Piano, and a minor in photography, which is impressive due to the fact that she will graduate with two Music degrees, in only 4 years.  She then plans to marry "The Mick", go on an unnecessarily expensive honeymoon, put James through graduate school, and be destitute for the next 10 years, but she is optimistic about the entire situation.  The future still holds many choices about what career she will decide to do, but music and photography are up on the list, as well as settling down with 3-5 kids and being a stay-at-home mom.  She has many odd expertise, such as all to know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Harry Potter.  She spends most of her time reading fan fiction, taking pictures, and watching B-rated movies and musicals.  She loves to laugh, which unfortunately sets off her asthma, she loves to sing, and she loves to be surrounded by entertaining people.  If you see her passing by, stop and give her a "hi', she'll love it.


Robin      rants
age 20
webpage: still in the works

Bio:  Robin is a junior Graphic Design major nearly ready to take over the small empire Jay has created thus far. Like Jay, she has a variety of interests including mostly instrumental music and art. Unlike Jay, she chooses to be organized and therefore will not truly be accepted in the procrastinating artistic world. Currently taking more risks than ever before (Mac Lab Master, er, manager, Arete' Magazine Designer, and future student web designer for the art department webpage) she still makes time to hang out the best roommate in the world, Betsey. Together, they have created the best decorated (and most anti-goth) suite in Sturgis Hall! Soon to be overworked, Robin's future goals include but aren't limited to becoming a better artist and stronger person and of course proving Jay's way is not the only way."


John       rants
    the non-reddie music man
Age: 22

Bio: John is a Music Ed major at Texas Tech University. Yes, Texas not Arkansas. Or Djibouti. Get over it. As with most who study music John will be attending school for two senior years, the second of which begins in the fall of '04. It would seem obvious, but to clarify for those of you in the audience with ADD, he enjoys music. John often attempts, and even succeeds on rare occasions, at  arranging music. His current mission is to slowly introduce the TTU music facultys' minds to the wonders of anime and videogame music.  His multiple anime/VG arrangements actually make concerts at TTU worthy of attendance, a feat rare among college concerts. He also watches anime, plays video games (albeit less than others here), and collects comics. That last one has accounted for the loss of many a month's wages and a second mortgage on the villa. Brenna is goth, don't listen to her lies. During the school year John teaches creatures of evil at a local middle school. This often requires the use of sacraments. Uhm...what else? Hey, where do you think you're going? I'm not finished yet! Fudge!


So that's the crew. Feel free to E-mail them random facts and/or disturbing threats. Just don't piss them off cuz they are a wild bunch and are not responsible for what happens to you or your little doggy as a result of their terrible wrath.   Plus each of their addresses has it's own custom e-mail title, the fun never ends around here!