What is Reddie Rants?

    Reddie Rants  is a webpage created for Henderson State University by Jay Epperhart.  Originally, the website was intended to be used as a soapbox for Jay to fight the complaints of the uninitiated freshmen and rant about anything else happening at HSU.  Well, that and Jay was really bored one day and wanted to work on his Photoshop coloring skills so he started a comic website that let him rant and draw at the same time, effectively killing two birds with one stone.  Unfortunately, as each semester progressed, Jay's multiple projects forced him to put Reddie Rants on hiatus. 
  When summer finally rolled around, it was time to update Reddie Rants and make it accessible to the world outside of HSU.  Thus, a new website was created, the old one was archived, and more reddie ranters were added to the roster.  If you want to learn more then go to the Frequently Asked Questions page and then check out the nifty critters who rant here.