Pranks and stuff
August '03 - current 
updated Sept 20)

 As one would suspect, living a in a dorm with a bunch of crazy/funny people has it's privileges. This section is set aside for those moments that really can't be described as anything better than "pranks" or "stuff".  Like girls trying to play football, guys  hanging unsuspecting GI Joe figures from their suitemates beds, or their roommates filling their clothes with corn, or suitemates answering the eternal question "What happens when you fill a bedroom with 2000 lbs of crumpled newspaper?". Expect more interesting pics as the wackiness ensues...


Rusty discovers the Gi Joes
Is that corn?
What happens when you fill a room with a ton of newspaper?
This happens
And this...
Girls and football  2  3  4  5

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