Here you will various things that will further define us as sad, pathetic people.


   Tank! - John's arrangement/performance of the famous Cowboy Bebop theme
   Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles - Jay's arrangement/solo performance of a
              Christmas Final Fantasy medley for the piano
   Consciousness - A piece Jay arranged at 17 which has now been rearranged
              for orchestra by Ed Bennett. Read about it here.
    Consciousness - Same as above but the updated piano version.
    James on the Phone - A hilarious phone message left for Paul by James


    Dance, Monkeys, Dance - *Gasp*  We were caught dancing to Rockapella
     Tank! - Kenny Shield's jazz/pop arrangement of the Cowboy Bebop theme
                performed by NuFusion.

     Who's the Real Ryan Dickson? - A fun flash game where you have to find 
                the real Ryan Dickson.  Each of their shirts say "Hi Kids, I'm TV's
                Ryan  Dickson", so who could it be? 


    Ever wonder what would happen if you hung your suitemates' G.I. Joes by
           their necks, or what 1 metric ton of newspaper looks like after being
           crumpled up to fill a bedroom?  Yea, so did we.