Coming Soon

Of course this is site is going to be an ongoing project.  If I had everything finished when I published this site, then how would I keep all of you coming back?   The following list consists of ideas I plan on putting (or fixing) on this website:

Games- What would a website about my life be without a section devoted to games?  I have big plans for this page, but most it will take alot of work and alot of remembering on my part.  I have to become 9 again and remember what games were like back then.  This page is actually already being worked on, but I am in a hurry to publish so I'd rather not have to wait for this section to be finished.

Live Recording-  I compose alot on the piano just for fun. I sometimes sit down and play for 10 minutes just making up the music as I go.  I am going to try to record myself doing this one day and turn it into a mp3 to put on this site.  This might take a while because it will probably have a lot of mistakes since I am experimenting with the music I compose.

Photo-  I haven't even put a photo of me on this site yet! I plan on putting on here soon, and I have a great idea for a pose I should do, but this actually requires someone else to take the pictures and right now I haven't asked anyone yet.  

Animations/Movie- I have quite a few animations I have worked on in Paint Shop and otherwise. Major problem is they take up ALOT of room and I am not sure how much space I have allotted to me yet.  Also I have movies I created for memory purposes with my web cam.  Movies taken of my puppy or my room as it looked before I moved out.  Not sure if I want these up yet... 

Life Drawings- Artwork I did in my Drawing 1 class, just need to find a scanner big enough for them.

High School Art- Lots of artwork from my high school years, just no time (or scanner) to put them up yet.  

More Ramblings and About Me essays- Pretty much self explanatory. I still have lots of both on my computer, I just need to find them and post them.

Minor Design-Spelling fixes- This will occur after I send everyone the link to this site.  I have put so much on this site in such a hurry, that I know I spelled things wrong or didn't make sense in a sentence or two. Basically, i don't have time to proofread the entire website so if you find something wrong then tell me and I'll fix them as I go.  As for the site design, all pages look pretty much the same but I am not consistent on every page. I haven't decided what my paragraph layouts are going to yet. I like some centered, others aligned to the left.   Any ideas or help would be appreciated.  Heck, any type of feedback is welcome!  

Logo fix-  The logo was the first thing I made, and always has been a temp logo.  I actually like it now, and it might become my permanent log, but I have noticed a mistake in it recently.  I have tested the website on 3 computers to see what it looks like on different systems, and it was pretty consistent on all 3.  Then today I tested on a 4th computer, and my logo is all messed up. The logo is suppose to have a black background with a single light source flaring out.  On the 4th computer, the picture was too light and it looked like the background was gray, which didn't match my black background.  I plan on fixing this ASAP.

My Life- This is actually I planned on doing before I even thought of creating this website. It will be a MASSIVE project on my part, but I figure if I were to do it, I might as well post it here. Basically it will detail things I have accomplished in life and list other goals I need to accomplish, such as "Leave the Country" and so on. 

and More- of course I haven't thought of everything for this site. But as I do, I'll post it here... If any of you have ideas then send them on over!