Now who is Chocobomog? What is Wolf-Bro?  Who am I really?  

       Originally I intended to write a full bio of me right here trying to describe to you who I am.  But now that I actually and sit down and try to write it, I realize its not something that can be done correctly.  There are no words I can put together that can replace actually knowing me as a person.  More than likely if you are at this site in the first place then you know me already. And if you came to this site because you met me online or met me in person briefly and desire to know more about me, well everything is here for your to learn.  I can't describe myself or my personality to you, I just have to try and be myself with everything I write. Why describe my personality when I can show you it, or at least try. Also, people change, its a given.  Who I am now may not be the same person in 3 months and so on.  I wouldn't want to lead you on by talking about myself and then you meet me and what I said is untrue because I have changed.  And what proof do you have that what I write here is truly me?  Since I am the one trying to describe myself,  how would you know I didn't try to lie and exaggerate to make myself look good. There's going to be some inherent distrust there, whether its conscious or subconscious, you are going have some doubts about reading something I wrote that details me.  Now there have been things I wrote to my close friends that may help you understand who I am, but again sometimes its better to get to know someone naturally.  I am not quite sure how reading these personal E-mails will reflect upon me if you don't already know me.  If you want to know more about me, read the rest of this site make your own assumptions, or better yet, just talk to me.  Nothing beats a good old fashioned conversation to get to know someone.  With that said, we can move on and you decide what you want to do. 

If you are interested, a while back I created an self-explanatory E-mail project which I titled:
My Life as a Series

     In High School, my Senior AP English teacher demanded quite a few essays from me. Some of the requirements involved writing about my life.  I have posted 3 of these essays here for your pleasure.  The best thing about these essays is they were written for a tough-as-nails teacher so they actually will use proper gramer and sintance strukture (unlike the rest of this site)!

Sunsets      NASCAR      Who wants to Graduate?

Finally, if you have some morbid curiosity what is going on in my life, just read What I did Today.


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