Rules? Why do I need rules for a website?  Basically to cover my tracks, so I can say I warned you, or I can apologize to you for my mistakes . It will always be one of those two...

1.  If you want to use one of my pictures, just ask, I won't turn it down... well maybe not...

2.  If you were offended by something on this site (god forbid!), then hey, don't worry!  Pretty much everything on this site is meant as a joke, if it's offensive then it must be a joke, I would never put any "serious" stuff on here that was also offensive. 

3.  I try to give credit where its due, especially when I post something that isn't mine. If you think I took something and didn't mention it, then E-mail me!  But also remember, there are things that I don't take credit for and i post just for fun.  A lot of my E-mails have funny quotes in them. Of course I sent the E-mails to my friends, not nationwide, so I didn't think about saying where I found the quotes from.  I post items on this site for fun, not for my credit (unless it is mine). If I get blasted for "stealing" someone's quote/idea and posting it here, then I'll take it down, but I think if its funny then the world should know of it.    I *DO NOT* steal ideas and call them my own, because I wouldn't want people doing the same to me.  If you think I have, then E-mail me, I'll be glad to listen.  But remember, it IS possible for people to think alike and have good ideas that are similar...

4. I try to keep offensive language down to a minimum here.  There are some exceptions, but those occur usually in posts not created by me.  I would rather keep the post true to its original form rather than erase pieces of it that may be funny just to please a few easily-offended people.  Hey, if something offends you, I didn't force you to read it, just click the "Back" button and find something else! I have plenty of variety on this site, so don't get mad about one word or phrase (which I probably didn't even write) when I have over 200,000 words on this site that didn't offend you and may have even pleased you.

5.  Most of the written essays/e-mails I have posted on this site are over a year old.  And they were all sent to friends who know me and know my sense of humor.  That being the case, if you get worried about something you read remember these 2 things: A. I was young and brash and didn't know any better B.  It was done all in good fun and to amuse friends! 

6.  It is summer (at least right now it is) and I could care less about "proper grammar" and such. Of course I will write exactly how I would speak to friends.  And by most accounts, I use very proper grammar.  I may use some slang like "cuz" or  "sorta" but that is usually used for effect, much like how Samuel Langhorn Clemens used southern dialect in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (trust me on that one).   If you think I am incapable of speaking correctly, then read my essays on the "About Me" page. Those were written for a AP Senior English class and were written quite well.  

8.  The number 7 will not be used on the Rules page. That's final, no arguing.

9.  If there is something that I did not cover here that may become an issue later on, then this rule covers it.  If you think something should have a rule about it, then Rule number 9 is it.  Make up your own rule and follow it. Be my guest. Just know that  I won't follow it.

10.  Britney Spears and N'Sync are two of the greatest bands ever created. That's final, no arguing

11. Anything involving Pop Culture is a free hit.  I can do what I want with what I want because I am apart of the "Pop" in Pop Culture (in fact Pop is the only term that applies to me out of those two words). Frankly what is cool today may not be cool tomorrow so why not make fun of it now?

12. Anything read on this site or anything involving this site may not be mentioned or even referred to during and only during the hour of 3 AM on May 15, 2004.  I don't know why, but its a rule so obey it.

13.  If anyone truly believes Rule 10 then you deserve to be tormented and made fun for the rest of your life.  If Rule 10 applies to your beliefs then how do you know me and why do I talk to you?  If anyone ever comes to me and tells me I like those 2 bands (well at least for their "music", Britney is actually rather good with "Mute" on) and they truly believe I do, then I will laugh directly in their face and belittle them profusely because who only reads 10 rules in the rule section and forgets to read Rule 13?  

14. Rule 13 does not apply to you if you are under the age of 16 and/or insane.  If you are, then both bands really are cool, and I congratulate you on your fine choice of bands.   No, really, I do.

15. On a more serious note, I have noticed on some computers the pictures on these pages don't exactly "work".  Basically the pictures (like the logo) are suppose to fade to black  so you can't recognize where the edge is. I have fixed what I could, but others I can't fix without ruining the pictures for the rest of us.  Therefore if you want to view this website correctly, use something higher than 16-Bit color, possibly higher than 24-bit too (not sure what works and doesn't work). 

16. I have the right to end the Rules page right here, and I plan to do just that.