Over the years a have amassed quite a collection pieces which go on about some stupid subject.  Many of them I wrote, others I found and so "graciously" E-mailed them out enmasse.    Here you will find all my takes on issues in the world, but be warned, most of this is *actually* comical!  The other "philosophical" ramblings are probably so incoherent that they will boggle your mind just as they do mine.



Crush E-Mails
Go Away!
Why women act they way they do

My own Forward

Hell: Endothermic or Exothermic?

What people say and what they mean

Easy quiz to make you feel smart


One constant in my life is getting E-mailed those "fill-out-about-your-life" questionnaires.  I seldom do them, but every now and then I get bored enough where I actually fill them out.  The great thing about them is I an go back and read the ones from 3 years ago and see how much I have changed or stayed the same.  Note: Many of these I don't take seriously and most answers are meant to be jokes or sarcasm, but there is probably a little truth behind everything.    

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