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     I created my main composition (temporarily called "Consciousness") about 3 years ago about the same time that  I was starting to get into playing piano again.  It all started out by me buying the soundtrack to a new movie called "The Truman Show".  On that soundtrack there was a track that really captivated me. I liked it so much that I wanted to play it, so I played the CD while I sat at the piano and figured out the piece note by note.  The piece was only 1 minute long so it didn't take that long to figure out. After I finished, I found that I was unhappy with the ending of the piece.  So I erased the original ending and started to expand on the chords and theme.  In the end, I had turned the original 1 minute piece into my own 5 minute composition.  The first 1 minute of this is an exact translation of the track on the soundtrack, after that it is me playing around with the chord progression and adding more voices.  If anyone has seen the movie "Finding Forrester" then you can have an idea what I did.  In that movie, Sean Connery gives an aspiring writer one of his essays and tells the him to write the first paragraph verbatim.  After that he had to create the rest of the essay with his own mind.  Both the original essay and the new essay had the same opening paragraph but beyond that the similarities stop, each piece went different directions.  The same applies here. The begining of this piece matches the piece on the "Truman Show" soundtrack, but beyond that they are two different pieces.  Finally, I didn't have a very good midi card on the computer I wrote this on. Therefore, when I chose the instrument the piece was to be played with, I picked the one that sounded the best on my computer. This midi will probably sound different on every computer its played on, and I am sure it will lose its effect if played on the wrong instrument. The instrument I designed it for is an electronic piano/Music box sound.  If anyone knows how to program this midi so it sounds this way on every computer, it would be much appreciated  ;)