Most people I know who have personal sites such as this put up a section they label as "friends". Not one to be outdone, I decided I would do the same when I was creating a rough draft of this website.  I created the buttons and logos you see at the top and bottom of this and all the pages before I even created the pages themselves.  Well now the time has come for me to create my "friends" page, and you know what I realize? I'm in way over my head... 
     I could be like the other people and attempt to write about every friend I have, but I know I'll forget someone, I always seem to.  And I think that would be a major offense if you thought you were my friend and then you come to my website and I failed to mention you due to my bad memory.  So rather than try to name everyone I know, I'll just let you do the work.  If you want to be mentioned on this page and possibly have your picture on it, then E-mail me at  You don't have to say much, just ask me to put you on this page and send a picture if you want one on here. If you don't want a picture, oh well, if I happen to have one at my disposal, I'll post it... and you *really* don't want me to do that (I have Photoshop and know how to use it!  :)  So tempt fate then, if you don't send me a picture just hope I don't have one of you.  Also, if you would like me to link to your homepage mention that too! Just do what all of you usually do (or wish you could) and boss me around!  This way if you don't see yourself on my "Friends" page, its your own fault, not mine.   I will also do the honors of writing a complementary paragraph about each of you, unless you want to do it yourself (don't worry the paragraph *will* be nice, I wouldn't go so far as "roast" you on my own "Friends" site - but inside jokes are allowed!). 
     Finally,  anyone is allowed to do this. I figure if you're at my site, then you didn't stumble on it by accident so you at least know me in some way (even if you have never met me other than on the internet).  Anyways I hope to hear from at least one person, any person, soon...  because I think I have friends  *sniff sniff*     ;)


Kalyn Schuetzner's take on Jay