Welcome to my artwork page. Here you will find various pieces I have done either in class or during my (little) free time. Click on each icon for the picture and a brief history/apology for it. 
= Pencil Art/Shaded  = Hand Drawn/Colored  =Computer Generated/Colored
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Bryce 4
Find out what types of pieces you'll be looking at    Sephiroth Eyes on Me Squall Serge with a sharp object My CD cover Another CD cover My big coloring project Serge with a sharp object.... and color! Lunar on my wall Lunar on my door Surfing with a Sword
What's original?    Go Away! Jayme and Jay(me) Saxy John Painted Quad
What is Bryce 4?    Reflections of the Cut Spheres More Reflections of Cut Spheres Colored Water Those waves sure reflect light The rock actually thinks his reflection is another rock Just Pink Pink but green Fun with 10 mirrors More fun with 10 mirrors Even More fun with 10 mirrors
What do I do at work?     My pictures of the CCS staff My website work a 360 pan The roof is on fire! It's ani-ME!!! My theatre poster Singing in the Wayne
     Bahamut vs Alexander vs Jay Odin throws a sphere Why doesn't he burn? The fight of the/last century Too many chocobos Comical food


Life Drawings
Um... what's a sketch?      I wouldn't mind drawing this one again My dog doing what she always does lots and lots of hair
      .Let sleeping dogs lie Let sleeping dogs lie
Find out what types of pieces you'll be looking at     I see a cat, but what do I do? Sleeping is contagious Fly away Dog vs. Plane What are you looking at? Trees make dogs bored Sister on a farm Free falling... Bored? Thanksgiving Two Roses
Just click here and and don't ask
.      Sady in her common pose Blue eyed dog Faded Silver Curiosity killed the what? Black Mirror Dog Sady in the stars Cat taste good Dogs like Frisbees The beagle dreaming of her favorite pastime What is she looking at?


What I can remember from High School      Life is like what?