My Websites

Reddie Rants was my college webcomic/blog/art /archive. Pretty much everything I have ever created online is housed here in one form or another. Plus, it has more website Extras.

My family website.


Animation Mentor

Class Pictures and Descriptions: Each term I try to take as many "pictures" (aka screenshots) of my fellow classmates so I can create a "yearbook photo" to remember each of my classes.

Internship Article I did for the newsletter. The newsletter always has some awesome advice and I felt very fortunate when I was asked to write an article.

Animation Mentor BBQ Pics! We threw a BBQ in San Francisco for students and mentors. Over 150 people attended from all over the country and world. It was a great chance to finally meet classmates and mentors you only see online!



Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles - Jay's arrangement/solo performance of a            Christmas Final Fantasy medley for the piano