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  Jay is a 2007 graduate and current employee of AnimationMentor.com. Prior to studying animation he worked as a PA intern at Pixar Animation Studios and earned his BFA in Digital Art and Design in 2005 at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

He currently lives in the Bay Area and his current animations can be found at "anotherj.blogspot.com"


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   Welcome to yet another "About Me" page! Considering there are about five archived on this site (albeit they are five years old) I'm running out of new things to say. So let's go back to the basics: I'm Jay Epperhart. I grew up in Texas, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I develop and study animation   I have always loved animation and knew it was the profession I wanted to follow at age 14 when I watched Toy Story. I took a huge step towards my goal of becoming an animator when I was given the opportunity to intern at Pixar Animation Studios as a Production Assistant. Through this internship I met many wonderful people who helped guide me in my training, and eventually I was led to AnimationMentor.com to continue my studies. This website is designed to archive my studies at AM and act as a hub for my artistic endeavors.   When I am not animating I enjoy spending time with my family, watching old/new/new-to-me movies and TV shows, practicing piano and guitar, listening to soundtracks (game and movie), and playing various games online and offline. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more!