Animation Mentor Class Pictures

  At the end of my first class at AM I realized that I would no longer have anything to remember my class by. Therefore I took it upon myself to create a class picture for each of my classes at Animation Mentor. I tried to (screen) capture each person in a pose that personified them, or at least accurately show the student in the environment which I got to know them.  This proved a little difficult because: a. it was nearly impossible to catch someone smiling since there is little forewarning to any emotional display, and printscreen is delayed ever so slightly; b. most webcams are at odd angles and not everyone looks into them; c. some people are a little camera shy and were not on screen very often. 

Click on the pictures to learn more about each class!

Class 1: Basic Animation Class 2: Body Mechanics Class 3: Basic Acting
Charles Alleneck Doug Dooley Dimos Vrysellas
Class 4: Advanced Acting Class 5: Short Story Class 6: Short Story
Brett Coderre Dean Wellins Robert Russ